God-Sized Things:

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 (HCSB)

Only God can do God-sized things. It sounds simple enough, but we prove that we are challenged with this simple truth more than we may know.  Every time that we take our impossible situations, problems, burdens, crises and dilemmas to humans, instead of to Jesus, we set ourselves up for disappointment. Now certainly we need to be connected to other people and be engaged in growing, dynamic, trust-filled relationships.  These type of relationships help us to manage life, balance difficulties, stay sane and carry burdens.  Human relationships do so much for our lives; it’s sad that all too many of us neglect cultivating them as we should.  Nevertheless, humans can only do things that are possible.

Our friends, parents, spouses, siblings and loved ones can only do what they can do.  We shouldn’t request or require any more of them.  As individuals, we should ask of others only that which we are willing and able to give.  We should give our best.  We should give from our hearts and we should give expecting to be appreciated and understanding that we may never be repaid. It is too much pressure on us and it is unfair to others when we bring them our God-sized needs and expect them to be or create a solution.  We need to have the wisdom, courage, patience, faith and confidence to take our God-sized things to God; not to humans.

The question may be, well how do I know when something is God-sized?  Think about it this way, everything should go to God first period.  Develop the type of relationship with Jesus where you are constantly engaged in conversation and dialogue.  Be ever aware of God’s presence in you and around you at every moment of each day.  See prayer as bigger than simply giving God a wish-list and grow to understand that prayer is its own reward.  When we are in a healthy relationship with God; God will guide us perfectly to all of the answers to our issues, needs and problems.  God will say, call this person, visit so and so, or do this and that.  When we are following God in trusting obedience, we will have peace and not be tormented, embarrassed or scared to have even the toughest conversations with others.  For then, our confidence won’t be in them or even in ourselves; our confidence will be in the God who created us, the Lord and Savior who loves us completely and the Holy Spirit who leads and guides us to all truth.  God can truly handle everything.  Why not give God the opportunity to do so?  To God, that which is possible and that which is impossible look the same. So, take everything to God and watch God work in you and around you to make everything better; for your benefit and for God’s glory.

“Jesus responded, ‘Didn’t I tell you that you would see God’s glory if you believe?'” (John 11:40)

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